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Silly Billy Goat Farm, LLC

Breeding Exceptional Nigerian Dwarf Goats

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Welcome to our farm!

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We are located in Ellijay, GA, in the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains

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Our farm was established in 2014, by two city folks, with minimal farming experience. Although originally we bought this land as a weekend getaway, it quickly became our permanent home. We started with dogs, then we added chickens, then more chickens, then came New Zealand rabbits, a few turkeys and quail. To complete our farm we purchased a few Nigerian Dwarf goats. Our goal has been to become a self-sufficient, working farm. In addition to our many animals, we have built a small green house and cultivated a large vegetable garden. We also planted an orchard with apples, plums, apricot and cherry trees as well as blueberries, raspberries and blackberry bushes.

When it was time to find the right breed of goat for our farm we did a research and fell in love with Nigerian Dwarf Goats.

The Nigerian Dwarf dairy goat was officially recognized by the American Dairy Goat Association in 2005. These goats are an excellent choice for small farms since they require less space than full size breeds. Three Nigerian goats can be kept in the space needed by one standard goat. Also, smaller animals are easier to handle and transport. With staggered breedings, a year round milk supply is easy to achieve. The Dwarfs are considered dual-purpose animals, providing both milk and meat.

They are excellent milkers for their size and can produce one liter of milk a day. In addition, the high butterfat of the milk also makes it a good choice for small dairy farms to make cheese, butter and sour cream.

Because of their small size, some people have considered the Nigerian Dwarfs to be pets. If you purchase one from someone other than a dairy breeder, chances are the goat does not come from a line that has been upgraded and bred for milk production. To maintain the integrity of the breed, it is essential to acquire Nigerian Dwarf Goats from a registered breeder.

Our goats are registered with Nigerian Dwarf Goat Association and we began with some of the best blood lines in the breed.